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Few days on land

Um retrato do dia-a-dia de uma jovem de viagens quase sempre musicais e nem sempre coloridas.

A voz, a dança, o estilo de Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys)


"This one is for your girlfriend! LADIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"


The one and only, Sir Alex Turnerrrrrr!



5 reasons why Alex Turner could be considered one of the sexiest men alive:


1) He has a smile only for "the girls" and he never forgets that he is playing to thousands of them;

2) He knows how to move the hip like a real rock 'n' roll monster, as a true descendant of Elvis;

3) To complete the previous point... He has a hair that follows the same trend and he is often seen retouching the hairstyle over the concerts;

4) He has a voice of a gentleman, with a cute british accent;

5) He knows exactly what to do or say to reach the crowd and leave it insane while playing I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor, for example